Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Video Reflection.

This is my video reflection about my year and my time at Fendalton School.
This is my last year at fendalton and I am the last person in my family to leave Fendalton school.
I will miss all of my friends and I wil miss the school and all of the teachers.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rubric. Evaluation.


Surface features: Great. I have know mastakes but I would of if I didn't do it on the computer. The title is good and tells you what the storys about.

Deeper features: Exceptional. I have one idea in each paragraph, it makes sence and lots of sectences.

Title and intro: Great. My hook is good and makes the audience want to read on and the intro tells you what the storys about.

Organization of writing: Great. The hook captures the audiences attention so the reader reads on. The argument is strog
could be better.

Strengths of argument: Great. I go off the topic a bit but it is all true.

Publication: Exceptional. The title stands out and It has paragraphs so it separates all of the ideas. It is easy to keep track of.

Monday, November 12, 2007


This is the certificate I got from gym.
I did my floor and it was good and everyone was amazed with what I could do and I was proud of it. When we were doing gym in the groups was quite boring because I could do things and it was really easy stuff for me.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Key competency.

Key competency

1. Using language, symbols and text.
- Because I can talk more confertently in frount of different amounts of people.
I have got better at this because I used to getting very nevous and talk really quiet if I was talking in frount of the class and now I talk confertently and I am not that shy anymore only if I'm talking to the whole school but not to the class.

2. Understanding more.
-Because if I didn't understand somthing I wouldn't ask the teachers and just go off and not understand what we were doing.
Now I ask the teachers what we are doing if I don't understand cause I am not so ahy and now I can do my work with no questions and I can get it done fast and understand what In am doing.

Dream Maker:
1. Self-motivated
-Because In try my hardest to achive my goals I have set.
I have got better at self-motivation cause I no I am getting older and aciving my goals is getting more and more important as I grow up. Achiving my goals is helping my learn and will help me in the future.

2.Self responsibly.
-Because I work even if the teacher in not in the class and the teachers can trust me and so can my parents.
I have improved on this cause I didn't used to care as much but now since I'm going into intermidiate and I am going to get harder work to do and a new teacher I am trying my hardest so I can prove I am a hard working person that loves to have fun and a laugh.

1. Ideas.
-Because I come up with very creative, imaganitive and good ideas.
I love to thunk of interesting and exciting ideas and I like to have fun while im doing it.
I have emproved on making new ideas cause I'm not so shy and can speeck up.

-Because i love to use my imagination and create lots of interesting things.
I love to have fun when I am using my imagination.

Team Player:
- I am restpectful to my friends and to the teachers and I am restpectful to my books.

-Because i have been sharing alot more with others and taking turns and playing with different people and letting people go in front of me. I have made new freinds.

Sparkling and Belonging.
-Becauses I have been making new friends and I know most people in the school.
I used to just play with one person but now I play with anyone who wants to play with me.

-because when i used to come to school i didn't want to and i didn't feel safe but now i like school and i feel safe when i walk into the school and i am excited to see my friends and teachers.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Term 4 goals

My term 4 goals are...

School goals

. My goal is to: do more spelling and get new words for the next week.
I will achive this by: the end of this term.
How: By making a spelling list and looking for new words when I'm doing my non negotables and then do the other non negotables after.
Why: Because I need to do more spelling to get better and I don't get much time in the week to do spelling.

2. My goal is to: Read more in class and at home.
I will achive this by: the end of the term.
How: by making a time table and reading every night I can cause I take a while to read books and I want to move on to the next book.
Why: I like to read and need to read more.

3. My goal is to: Slope more in my writing and try to link and write neater.
I will achive this by: the end of tnhis term.
How:Putting a note on my books so it reminds me.
Why: Because I write quite messy and I need to slpoe, link and write neater.

Personal goal. Give things a go and try new things.
I will achive this by: the start of the comp season.
How: By beliving in my self and trusting the coach.
Why: Because I'm in level six now and I need to learn more skills and harder and more scary moves.
1. My goal is to: Get more mo

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today I learnt that you don't need a big run up you just neeed to run your fastest and not so long and you need to use your arms and legs to jump high and go far.
Because of this learning I can now be a better long jumper.
Something I don't understand is why you don't neeed a long run up cause I think you do because it will make you go faster and jump further, well thats what I think.
The next step in my learning is to practice and get my run up sorted and so I don't need to measure everytime.

Speech Evaluation

I think my speech went very well and I wasn't as nervous as I have been before when I've shared my speech so I thought that was great.
I think I varyed my voice well and put alot of expresion into it.
It was around 2.40-2.50 So thar wasn't so bad but I still think I could of gone abit little slower, because when I practiced it at home it was 2.57 so I did go a little to fast.
Anyway I thought it was a good speech and I wrote it all by my self. ( Well baseclly.) She only helped me with the infomation I put it all in to the words and made it all make sence and put it on cue cards.
I didn't want to go into the speech finals so that toke some preser off me.
At school I nearly lost my speech so that was pretty scarry and I also hand wrote it so that didn't help at all, It made me more sad and annouyed.
So I thinks my very good and you can listen to it if you want just ask me.
Anna Cotterrell, Anna Banana